“From Forest to Furniture”

True potential comes to life in the beautiful hand-crafted hardwood furnishings available only at Dalmann. Each piece is made exclusively from Mozambican hardwoods, such as Panga Panga and Mutondo. Traditional hand crafting methods and techniques are used by our highly skilled Mozambican carpenters to produce and create durable yet elegantly modern furnishings that bring an age-old craft with a new lifestyle into your home or office.


We produce furniture with conscience.

Wood is one of Mozambique’s most precious resources and we are committed developing this resource locally and sustainably. Keeping our production line entirely within Mozambique allows for uninterrupted quality control, ensuring attention to quality and detail in each step of production. All wood used in Dalmann furnishings is cultivated from our own concession, Catapu, in Sofala Province.

To contribute to a sustainable environment we close the cycle of production by reforesting our concession after harvesting trees. For information on how we do this visit our website and see our forestry page.

Panga Panga is extraordinary in its rarity; it is available in commercial quantities only in Mozambique. Its dark colour with rich parenchyma bands brings a touch of the exotic into any room. Mutondo is a stunning deep cream coloured wood with golden undertones that creates its own ambience.

Nature’s diversity has inspired our designs and Mozambique’s rivers, our names. Our productions are grouped in the following categories and available in both dark and light wood.

THE DALMANN RANGE: Sangussi, Classic , Pungwe, Zambezi, Savane, Gorongosa, Save and Buzi.